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VP Explorations & Asset Development, Sinopec Argentina

'I think the Congress has been a great event and I was honored been invited to participate...


If The Argentine Oil And Gas Industry Is Going To Make Unconventional Well Costs Economic, It Is Vital That.....

...operators can attain sufficient supplies of frac water and proppant without having to spend the astronomical amounts of money that can compromise well economics.

The challenges of water supply, treatment and disposal need to be addressed to make these plays commercial.

Water Management & Proppant Logistics 2013: Shale Gas And Tight Oil Argentina will bring together the leading shale operators, strategy experts and government officials to spend two days focusing solely on water treatment, water transport, water regulations, supply of surface equipment and proppant supply and logistics solutions to guarantee water and proppant is available for fracing and drive unconventional Argentina towards US level well costs.

Key Strategic Learning Points Include:

  • WATER SOURCING: Bringing down the costs of water sourcing and examining recycling techniques to reduce the need for fresh water when fracing in Argentina
  • WATER RE-USE ECONOMICS: Evaluating the costs of water re-use to ascertain the economical viability of recycling flowback water in unconventional wells
  • WATER TREATMENT TECHNOLOGIES: Evaluating different treatment technologies available to enable the cost effective re-use of flowback in Argentine shale plays
  • WATER DISPOSAL & LOGISTICS: Assessing the long term benefit of installing water pipeline infrastructure in Argentina to drive down overall well costs
  • PROPPANT SUPPLY: Assessing whether imported, locally sourced or locally manufactured sand is the most economically viable method of acquiring proppant for fracing

Water Management & Proppant Logistics 2013 is the 3rd in the sell-out Shale Gas & Tight Oil Argentina Series dedicated to driving down wells costs at every stage of exploration and production in Argentina's push for unconventional development.

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